Library Cards and Borrowing Privileges

  1. To obtain a library card at the Mayville Public Library, an individual must provide current legal proof of residence:
    a. Valid driver’s license (with current address on card)
    b. A piece of mail (phone or utility bill) or other proof of residence (checkbook, etc.) with individual’s name and current address printed on it.
  2. Adult library cards may be issued to children who are sixteen (16) years of age.
  3. Juvenile library cards may be issued to children who are six (6) years of age or have completed kindergarten, and to children through the age of fifteen (15)
  4. Library cards are issued for a period of two years.
  5. There is no charge for the initial issuance of a library card. However, a charge of $3.00 will be assessed to replace any library card lost after the original one issued. Any individual owing money for a fine or lost item may not receive a new card until the fine or replacement cost has been paid.
  6. A valid library card must be presented every time library materials are checked out.
  7. A valid library card must be presented ever time a library user wishes to use the internet. All children under the age of eighteen (18) must have a parental permission card signed and on file before they can use the internet. Please see the Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Usage.
  8. DVDs, CDs, Videos, and games may be checked out only by an adult using an adult library card.