Download E-books, E-audiobooks, E-magazines

We offer two different services that can be used to download digital materials to your computer, laptop, smartphone, or other mobile devices for FREE. The first service, Wisconsin Digital Library – Overdrive, offers books and audio books to download. The second service, Rbdigital, offers magazines to download. Each service offers a unique selection of items.  Please see below for more information about both services. Give each one a try!

1. Wisconsin Digital Library – Overdrive

Offers books and audio books to download or stream to your devices.

You can check out digital versions of popular books and audio books with your library card. You will need to have your library card and your PIN number. If you don’t know your PIN number, try using the last four digits of your library card number. If that doesn’t work, call the library at 920/387-7910 and we can assist you. Your library card has to be active to check out through the digital library.  Try using the Libby App which is available on the Wisconsin digital library to check out your items. For more information about Libby click here.

Click here to go to Wisconsin’s Digital Library

Click here to try Libby!

See below for instructions on how to check out ebooks from your desktop computer (or any mobile device on which you can access a browser) and send them to your Kindle or Paperwhite

Download (PDF, 915KB)

2. Rbdigital: 

Offers magazines to download to your device.

As of 9/14/2020, the Audiobooks previously available in Rbdigital were moved to Libby by Overdrive. Try using the Libby App which is available on the Wisconsin digital library to check out these Audiobooks. For more information about Libby click here.

Use your Mayville library card to download magazines for FREE through RBdigital, an online service for downloading digital media.  Patrons enjoy free access to  magazines at home, in the library, or on the go. RBdigital is compatible with all popular listening devices, and mobile apps are available for IOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. You will need to know your library card number to use this service.

You must register for your RBdigital account from a web browser ( you can click on the link below). After that you can continue to access RBdigital from the browser link or you can download the RBdigital app from your app store and sign in to your account. YOU CAN’T register for an account through the app.

To create a RBdigital account:

Go to :
Click on Register
Enter a username, password (must be at least 7 characters and include letters and numbers) library card number, first name, last name, email, zip code, and library (select Mayville Public Library) from the list.
Click on Register. You will see a page showing where you can get help, FAQS, and Rbdigital apps that you can download for your specific device.