DONATE – Building the Next Chapter of the Mayville Public Library

We’re well over halfway toward meeting our goal of $400,000 in community donations for the construction of our new library! Here’s what community members and staff have to say about the importance of this new community gathering space.

Online Donations are temporarily unavailable. Please visit us in person if you’d like to donate. Thank you for your understanding.

A donor recognition Wall will be part of the new Library

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$15,000 – $24,999
$  5,000 – $14,999
$  1,000 – $4,999
$    100  – $999

$1 –  $99 I value what the library means and brings to the community

$25 – Donor plate in a new book

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In 2018, the Library Exploratory Advisory Committee was formed to assist the Mayville Public Library Board in examining the needs facing the current library building. An analysis of the library found it to be small, outdated, and in spite of excellent maintenance over the years, in need of significant upgrades and repairs.

Having completed its initial mission, the Library Exploratory Advisory Committee was retired in early 2019 and the Library Building Committee and Library Fundraising Committee were formed to help the Library Board implement a solution for the challenges facing the library, helping this key part of the community continue to meet our needs for generations to come.


  • Construction of a new 1-story, 18,000 SF library downtown
  • 14 dedicated spaces for various programs and uses; including,
  • Study rooms, children and teen areas, maker space, art display area, community conference rooms
  • ADA accessibility
  • Energy efficient, sustainable design and systems


We need community space

The current library lacks dedicated communal and program spaces that would continue to ensure that it remains a useful place for all. The plan for a new library would significantly expand the building size and create meeting rooms, study areas, community events, speakers and enhance programming for children, teen and adults.

Expand access to resources

Our library offers access to many resources (Wi-Fi, computers, language learning, printers, etc.), but access is very limited due to space limitations and even the number of outlets, resulting in people being turned away with urgent needs. The new library would allow for more computer stations so the library can continue to meet the needs of the changing community.

Library is aging and inefficient!

While the library is well maintained for its age, the building has exceeded its useful life. With the amount of work needed, maintaining the current building is not a responsible use of taxpayer funds. A new library built to modern standards with energy efficient systems will result in a significant decrease in regular maintenance and operational costs.


In a word, everyone! Roughly 3,900 people in Mayville and the surrounding area currently hold a Mayville Public Library card, checking out nearly 43,000 books, videos, CDs, games and more each year. But even more than just a place to check out materials, our patrons come for access to valuable resources, such as computers, internet access, printers, language learning courses, clubs and organizations, story time, and much more! The Mayville Public Library has something for everyone, from every walk and stage of life.

Mayville Public Library Board

  • Grant Larson (President/Treasurer)
  • Mike Schmidt (Vice President)
  • Geri Feucht (Secretary)
  • Lisa Newman
  • Joseph Riese (Alderperson)
  • Sue Smith
  • Lee Zarnott (School District Representative)